Sunday, May 13, 2012

I 'm Back!

Know anyone who reads the back page first when reading a magazine? Well, now you do. It is me (or I). For many years I have been reading magazines from back to front. I usually read the articles from top to bottom, but sometimes I even read the last paragraph, then the next to last, and so on. I think it all has something to do with holding the magazine and turning the pages. It is easier for me to hold the magazine in my left hand and flip the papers with my right.

I have tried reading from back to front on novels and stories, but I honestly do not want to know the conclusion before I read the story. So that is not the reason. I never watch the end of a recorded movie and then watch the rest. I just like to read magazines and even newspaper articles "backwards." No one seems to notice that I do this, but maybe others do this, too. Why else would magazine editors choose to make the back page so interesting!

The next time you see me on the last page of my magazine, don't look forward to seeing me finish it for quite some time. The back page means I have just begun to enjoy my read from Back to Front.

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miniviper said...

Pretty sure I do this with some webpages, forums, etc.