Saturday, May 5, 2012

Treasure or Trash Fest

Who knows what will sell at open air flea markets. Today I saw everything from mayhaw trees (half dead) to silverplated serving pieces. The sale in the city park began officially at 8:00 am, but shoppers began checking out the goods around 7:00 am.

We tried to sell a few of my hubs own transplanted variegated agaves (American Opal Century) for giveaway prices. Although we sold a few plants and even a couple of my lemon balm mint, he said he would mow over the baby agaves from now on.

It wasn't worth the effort, and most shoppers wanted aloe vera plants instead of agave. Some knew that tequila is made from agave, but we weren't serving Margaritas. And I think Mexicans make tequila from the grayish green variety anyway. So Hub is right, whack 'em with the weed eater. No wasting time with those suckers anymore. All three of us (Flip went too) are too tired to do much else today.

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