Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home on the Ranch

Not so very long ago, our Dutch brother-in-law called our place a ranch. We laughed, but sometimes ranch is pretty close to the truth. We just don't have any cattle.

This morning our beagle went "huntin'." I looked up while weed chopping in the front yard and saw our proud Flip with his prize, a rabbit. When I tried to lure him away so I could dispose of the dead animal, our dog became more determined to keep his prey. While I ran into the garage to get a dog biscuit, our Flippy divided his rabbit and ran off with the head. Yuck! Yuck! And Yuck! No way was he going to let me have it!

Not an hour later, I watched our valiant hunter ford our shallow pond. He was either cooling off (90F) or fishing. Anyway, he was in no condition to come back into our house. After blood and mud, we put this guy through the wringer (in the pool shower), and he slept like a baby all afternoon.

One last ranch event today was the arrival of the snake in our backyard. Don't ask me what kind it was, but we think we saw a rattle. My hub went out to scare it back into the woods, but he ended up smacking it with a rake and tossing it into the bushes.

Luckily this was no typical day on the ranch, but it wasn't a boring Sunday.

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