Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paparazzi Ruins Yoghurt

(Warning: Today's blog may be considered X-rated.)

It may be true!

The Paparazzi ( four members this time) may have caused me to over cook the milk for my weekly yoghurt production.

I set the 1% fat milk into the crock pot at 8:00 am and went out to work in the yard. As my hub and I do all of our own yard (lawn) work, we spend many hours outside. Around 11:00 am I was finished with my boxwood cuttings/rootings (68!) and grapevine watering when the Paparazzi arrived with two more in tow.

As we had not seen them in a week, we hoped they were finished with our pond, levee, and us. Not knowing what they were going to do, I forgot about my yoghurt and stayed outside to keep an eye on the adjacent landowners. I saw that a newcomer took photos and then she took binoculars out of a bag and turned to me. By that time I was sitting on our front porch tickling our beagle, so I waved at the binoculared paparazzi. She must have seen me wave, since she threw the binoculars back into the bag and walked off.

What they think they will see out here is anyone's guess. Wonder if they have heard that we are starting a Nudist Camp and Beach. Just joking, but wouldn't that be a real HOOT? We could call it Wetcreek Naturist Camp. For Senior Citizens Only! That means the Paparazzi could join right in on the sidelines. (don't picture it--too disgusting)

But back to my yoghurt. I will have to wait until around 9:00 pm to find out if it is going to be alright. Right now it is keeping warm under covers in the warm pantry.

No cookie recipes today. I am too feed up with the spiteful Paparazzi!

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Wendy said...

Who are these people??? Neighbors?