Saturday, June 2, 2012

Can You Believe I Missed This?

The meal I missed.

Soon after we moved back to the US, my father-in-law celebrated his 90th birthday by taking a select group of family and friends on a dinner cruise.

My hub and son were able to attend, but I missed this feast.

Every time I see these ornate salad plates, I think about what Opa painstakingly put together for our first meal of every new year. The year that my son was born, my parents were visiting us on the changing of the old and new years. We spent that evening at my in-law's home, and the traditional salad platters were set before us as the first meal of the new year.

My father loved it! Sardines, salmon, potato salad, pickles, etc. were just up his alley!

Many years later in our own little village on the other side of The Netherlands, I was asked to help my neighbor ladies prepare salad platters for our yearly street party. I think they were ready to explain to me how to put mine together, but I had had a good teacher. I just wish I could find the photo of "my platter." Not a bad job, if I say so myself.

Now I have inherited the huge platters. As soon as I get them over here, I plan to fill them up with all kinds of salads.

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