Thursday, June 28, 2012

Orange Dog

Although our dog is a lemon beagle (tan and white), this morning he was orange. Our pond has just enough muddy water in it that Flip loves it as a wading pool. I didn't count how many times he waded this morning before 10:00 am, but when I finished my gardening I washed off the orange mud pack. He did not even protest or fight me, and he willingly surrendered to the towel before coming into the house. The temps are so hot that he is curled up in his bed inside and sound asleep.

And Chandler is a male dog, so phew! They just play a little strangely!

I still need to get back to cake recipes, but that will be another day.

I did try out another cake mix experiment last evening. I added 1 cup homemade Greek yoghurt to a devil's food cake mix and one cup of water. Then I mixed and baked it in a lasagne pan for about 35 minutes until the center was done. The cake has great texture, but it is definitely not sweet. Nor is it sour like yoghurt. With a good sweet icing it should be great. We snacked on plain cake, and I froze the rest for another day. It is bound to be healthier than one with eggs and oil, don't you think?

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