Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Up Too Early

We jumped right out of bed when Flip came in to wake us this morning, so that we could spread the mulch. I know, what idiots! But as the temperatures have been so hot later on in the daytime, we took advantage of the 20 degree Celsius temperature and got that work done. Most of the time I think gardening is not really work, but in the heat anything is WORK. Today I used the weed cutting machines around all the agaves and little trees and bushes, and my hub shoveled the mulch. Then he went inside, and I watered all the plants outside. Now to do a rain dance so I won't have to do that for a few days.

This morning while Hub was giving a live oak (that we want to keep alive!) a drink of water, he saw our beagle being friendly with the neighbor's dog. Actually it is the neighbor's son's dog that is visiting for the summer, and I am not sure if Chandler is male or female. Sooooooo. That means I will need to let the neighbors know that we think Flip has found a girl friend. Or he has interests that some folks in the US do not want to talk about, when it comes to humans, that is. LOL

Maybe you think I have forgotten the recipes from Just Plain Cooking, but I will get back to that soon. First I have to make sure my yard and house are in order.

I am still waiting for a nice slice of yellow watermelon. Wonder if the melon farmer out on the main road has some good ones this year? We aren't Sugartown, but we are close.
(The photo above of the yellow watermelon is from two years ago when I first began writing weekly letters to Oma in The Netherlands. The melon was delivered to me by our melon growing neighbor.)

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