Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

Before our dog found us, I thought I knew the meaning of "dog days of summer." Lazy days of doing nothing and trying to stay cool. The last couple of days have been hot, and Flip and the rest of us have tried to stay cool and hydrated.

Friday we went up to Spring to check out The Little Dutch Girl shop. That whole little shopping village is amazing. I had no earthly idea what to expect. The shop itself was sort of a disappointment. Now I know why the owner's fudge is the best seller. My hub got some Dutch licorice (Drop) and a couple of other food items, but I prefer doing my Dutch shopping in The Netherlands.

After visiting the Dutch shop we headed over to the Woof Bakery where I splurged on a couple of homemade (in the shop) doggy cookies for Flip and a sign for our gate. The owners were convinced that our pup is a full blooded beagle, so we will agree and not make any guesses of his background anymore. We are just still amazed that he was "dropped" on our doorstep almost 1 1/2 years ago. He keeps us walking every evening ( and me also every morning). So he is good for something. HaHa.

We have enjoyed our long weekend with our orchid growing son. (Check out my Pinterest Master Gardening board for a photo of his beautiful orchid. If I can figure out how to add the photo here, I will do it.) He is probably ready to send us home, since we made a pretty good mess of his clean house. But we have enjoyed the time together.

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