Saturday, June 16, 2012

Preaching to the Choir

The expression "Preaching to the Choir" is not as old as you think. Its use was first recorded in the 1970's.

That is back when I remember big evangelical ministers traveling around "sharing the gospel." That is also the time when Saturday Night Fever and disco dancing were the rage. For me anyway, but I was usually in church on Sunday morning.

I remember Dad's warning about discussing religion, but that was with family or friends. Or was it with anyone? Oh well, I haven't always kept his rules. So here goes.

Yesterday we went to Mom's doctor's appointment and got a sermon in the waiting room, whether we wanted it or not. There was a rotund dark gentleman in short pants with beringed fingers sermonizing the entire time while we were sitting there. At first I did not recognize him as a preacher (because of his attire!), but when he got louder and kept spouting scripture and verse, there was no doubt. This guy had a pulpit somewhere. At that moment, it was in the virtually empty doctor's office.

He had met one of his former work colleagues out in the parking lot, and I assume he was trying to witness to him. Oooor, maybe he was aiming at the two elderly white ladies sitting by the door (Mom and me). In any case, I believe he was "preaching to the choir." Neither his former colleague nor Mom nor I looked nor acted like we were doomed to you know where. I have never seen or heard anyone so "full of himself."

Maybe he was "preaching to the preacher"! Enough said.....

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