Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Walk Around Our Pond


I had been skipping my early walks around our pond for a multitude of reasons. Today I got back into the peaceful and quiet routine.

Temperatures are still a bit too warm, but this morning I did not break a sweat.

A few minnows did cartwheels and somersaults to greet me. Who knows where they came from or even how big they are.

Most of the cattails have been sawed off at the water's edge. I still wonder what beast went to all that trouble. I keep hoping they will surface to let me see their razor-sharp teeth. Knowing me, I would scream and scare them away.

I began my walk with an extremely enthusiastic beagle hound who acted as if he were being set free from a long hibernation. After five minutes he disappeared into the deep woods, so I finished my walk alone.

But peaceful.

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