Monday, September 10, 2012

Bouncing Back

Flip bounced out of the house at his usual time this a.m. So I guess he is okay.

Last night we weren't too sure if a small scorpion that he tried to eat in the garage had stung him or not. When I took him out for his nightly "check for the spooks" toilet visit, he jumped on a small scorpion that was crawling near his dog pen. He jumped into the air, so I figured he had been stung by something. I just thought it might be a wasp or bee that had gotten into the garage when we drove the car in yesterday afternoon. He did not seem too bothered, so we went out into the cool evening air to check for "spooks."

When he came back inside the garage, I looked into his wooden cage to see if he still had food in his bowl. That is when I saw the small scorpion. I sent Flip into the house and called my hub to help. Hub wanted to chop the scorpion with a "scoffel/hoe", but I insisted on spraying it with wasp spray (which I had just dropped off the tallest shelf onto my nose). Hub sprayed the scorpion, and then it disappeared. Vanished!

As for Flip, he continued to paw the left side of his nose, but he fell asleep on his bed in the living room. After reading about dogs and scorpion stings on my iPad, I found my lowest dose of antihistamine and gave him a tablet in his peanut butter and vanilla cookie treat.

Now he is outside "huntin." So I guess he is okay. We will keep watch anyway.

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