Friday, September 14, 2012

Lone Dog

When our Flip showed up at our door in January 2011, he was our first pup.

But he joined a group of three other dogs here at the end of the road. It wasn't until earlier this summer that he finally "got on" with that other bunch. Maybe you remember that visiting doggy Chandler sort of brought the pack together.

Then the demise began. Chandler returned to his home, momma and son dogs disappeared, and now the oldest and lamest dog has succumbed. So that means that Flip is the last of the canines down here at the end of the road.

My hub and I give him way more attention than most people do their dogs ( meaning spoiled rotten!), and we are still glad he showed up at our door. Pity the folks who dumped him off or that he ran away from back in 2011.

Wonder if the neighbors are planning to replace their lost dogs?

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