Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ever Heard of Christmas Creep?

Have you ever heard of Christmas Creep? Or Sinterklaas Creep? Or Halloween Creep? Or Easter Creep? Or Valentine's Day Creep? Or ...... Just check out Wikipedia for Christmas Creep.

Those sneaky merchants just creep up on us with merchandise for celebrating all kinds of holidays. This week Dollar General already had their special Thanksgiving baking shelves up and running. I laughed at the two month early display, but now I know that this early merchandizing has a name: Thanksgiving Creep! Actually the Dollar Store has Christmas Creep going on, too. Even before they empty out their shelves of gardening and kiddie pool supplies! I bet if I visited some large department stores 45 miles away, I would get a bigger (and better!) dose of the Creep, be it Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

The creepiest part of this whole phenomenon is that we fall for it. And we buy the seasonal snacks. Since if you wait until the actual holiday, you might be purchasing old, contaminated food or candy! What a laugh!

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