Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Four Generations On the World Wide Web

I am sure there are some families with five generations on the Internet every single day, but we have four generations. In fact Memaw has been an avid emailer for almost 14 years! That is saying something, since I know people who are 35 years younger than she is who don't even know how to send an email message or Reply to All when sending private messages! Hard to believe in this day of technology.

This week Memaw started her own blog! Yippee! If I can just get her to type up her Spice Cake recipe on her blogspot, then I can paste it here and finally be finished with the cake section of Just Plain Cooking. (hint hint)

I still have a few more pie recipes to type, but not today. Actually I say "but not today" quite often.

By the way, Memaw's blog is www.RidgesofLeeCounty.blogspot.com/.

I passed the 3,000 th page view last night on this blog. My Pinterest pins number over 11,000 and I am edging toward 300 followers.

The only numbers that are down are our visitors on the apartment for sale in The Netherlands:(((
Check it out before we move out most furnishings.
More lemon pie recipes later this week.

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