Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inside the Beltway

The last few days have been very enlightening concerning the Beltway apartment. (Is there anyone else who can't make the connection from the street address and the English name?)

As we are waiting for some big furniture to be removed from the Beltway, we are looking around to see what we can do to improve this dwelling.

While sleeping in the MB, we have noticed that we have some noise pollution and lots of sunlight (and resulting heat). Rubber strips around the windows that can be opened have helped some, so now we are trying to attack the sunlight and heat of the slanted window pictured below.

As this window is not "standard" in any way, most window curtain dealers turn their noses up at trying to help us out. Yesterday we finally found someone who might be able to help us, but we will still keep looking.

Today we plan to visit a shop that is only open on Thursdays. Imagine that! One day a week, but they should also have a stall at the Friday street market. We did the street market thing last week in the freezing cold, so think we will visit the shop today.

Wish us luck!

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