Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mevius Shop and D'Olde Bakkerieje in Deventer

While walking the Walstraat yesterday, we passed an interesting shop. As my hub is not a shop browser, I was the first to notice this shop and the inexpensive goods out front. He heard "cheap" and followed along.

What a shop! It was better than a flea market or second hand shop, since everything was still packed in cellophane. And indeed the prices were just right for our frugal shopping.

Hub bought a book he has been wanting to read and three silk ties, all for 2.50 Euros each. He also purchased a wool scarf for 7.50 Euros that he has needed for the last 2 1/2 weeks and a surprise for our son.

I was the "last of the red hot spenders" with my package of jewelry fittings (50 Euro cents)to repair our clock chain back home and a handmade macrame bracelet for 25 cents.

That shop with its books, curiosa, decorations, and jewelry was not the only shop we visited. Just down the street from Mevius is D'Olde Bakkerieje with the baker's oven still being used (as a display for curiosa!). The brocante, curiosa, glasswork, enamelware, silverware, chinaware, chandeliers, cabinets, and More are overwhelming.

We have a neighbor back in the US who would go crazy in this shop with its merchandise spread out over at least four buildings at the intersection of Walstraat and Golstraat. And she thinks her shop in Louisiana is full! ;)

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