Monday, April 22, 2013

Sell By Date on Greek Yoghurt

How long can you keep homemade Greek yoghurt in your fridge?

Well, actually you can keep it forever. But after six weeks my own Greek yoghurt is still good. Really better than any Greek yoghurt I could find in the grocery stores in The Netherlands.

Before we left on our trip "over the puddle," I froze most of my leftover homemade yoghurt. (I will be interested in how that tastes after defrosting it in the fridge.) As I still had a bit left in a jar, I just left it there in the fridge and ate it yesterday and this morning. It did not look or taste any different than when we left.

So my conclusion is that you can keep homemade Greek yoghurt in your fridge for at least six weeks. But who besides me would be so frugal as to do that?

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Mrs. Micawber said...

I will have to make a mental note of this, as Mr. M eats Greek yoghurt but once a week. Thanks for the info!