Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Break Challenge

Every single day in August I will post one of my photos. 

Today's end of breakfast shot is with my iPad. As usual, I ate homemade Greek yoghurt, Quaker's granola, and honey.

Now for that cup of fresh brewed tea.

(Don't worry, I will still be doing regular blogging, too. But I wanted to take the August Break challenge for my photography.). ;))


Anonymous said...

Welcome to August Break. This is my 3rd year and I always look forward to it. Your previous post on homemade yogurt was very enlightening. Been thinking about making some myself...just a matter of making the time.

Linda said...

Thanks for the encouragement. With an iPhone, iPad, and a new camera I should be able to keep up with this photo op. by the way, did the mayo/plastic bag work? I taught school for 37 years and never brought home the little creatures. Guess it was luck!