Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recycled Kid Stuff

Baby things were not on my mind until so many nieces, nephews, and neighbors started populating this earth. While visiting my favorite thrift shops, I see how many baby and toddler clothes are dumped off and resold for almost nothing.

Over a year ago I began searching through baby toys (looking for cheap stuffed animals for Flip) and kiddie clothes in these yard sales and charity shops and found some interesting items. Then I slowly tried to see how I could use what I bought. 

My favorite crochet/knit bag is made from a small girl's denim jumper dress. I just seamed up the bottom hem and there it was. Ready for filling and carrying. Actually it is a very nice shopping bag, too.

Then I bought really cheap kid blue jeans and made garden or craft aprons for children. I just cut out the front leaving the waistband intact and then cut below the pockets in the back, and voilal! An easy apron that needs no hemming (frayed denim is cool) or even sewing on a button (the button or fastener is still attached to the waistband).

In the jeans department of the Catholic thrift shop, I saw a new pair of striped OshKosh shorts overalls hanging in the window display. I snatched them up for $1.50, and they headed home with me to my washing machine. As usual, most kiddie stuff cleans up well. A really darling little Dutch great-nephew wore them last summer! Since that first OshKosh purchase, I have found a whole collection of long, short, girl's, and boy's OshKosh overalls. My little see-through closet in my workroom looks like a children's boutique. But now I have a stash of inexpensive, but classic, gifts for kiddies I know. 

My latest gift was a darling OshKosh denim skirt with attached red hot panties for my closest great-niece. She has some room to grow before she will fit into it, but it was a cutie. Just like she is!!!!

Check back later for the recycled onesie makeover.

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