Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Radio Silence

Let us begin with a photo, so I can get that out of the way.

And, yes, I took this photo on my own with my new camera. Only three other blooms on this lovely orchid that has a history. But it loves the bay window in our kitchen. Think it needs some food today, and I will try to keep it growing. It is just a plant!

While my hub slumbers every morning, I keep quiet and stay busy with my iPad. First reading the email messages that we received during the night (from abroad) and then Pinteresting and Blogging. After I tire of that, I play Candy Crush until I hear my husband leave our bedroom.

I have pure silence during those hours, except for the two old Dutch clocks in our hallway. My hub has them finally synchronized, and on the hour they chime like a grand cathedral. My Dutch sister-in-law and our son would not put up with that sound, but it is okay with me, except when I am watching television in the evening. The clocks are located just outside our study where we seldom study, but watch TV. It is terrible to miss the most important words, sentences of your favorite show! But I will deal with it. Read lips.  ;~)

For those who followed our eyeglasses saga, we never got usable spectacles. And we received radio silence from the glasses shop. But we dealt with it ourselves. End of saga without drama. 


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