Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yellow Dutch Klompen

Whenever someone sees our collection of Dutch yellow klompen, they always ask if people really wear these wooden shoes. These shoes, no one wears. But plenty people in the Dutch countryside wear klompen like these to keep their feet dry and warm outside in the damp fields and yard. Notice that I stuffed inside a pair of gray woolen socks, in case one of our visitors wants to try them out. Notice the string used to keep the shoes together. I heard someone say that the string is the best Dutch birth control. ;P You will only find string on wooden shoes in the store. These came from a huge garden center.

They seem to shine in the dark hall.

These are super big to fit my hub's feet.

These are my size.

Here is a pair I found in a thrift shop. A little worn, but still real Dutch.

And this is where our klompen collection live. In our mudroom with a Dutch bench and yellow and red wooden shoes. 


Agnes Wittenberg said...

Nice to read something of the Netherlands.
Im a woman from the Netherlands and i saw your wooden shoes on Pinterest
I've worked on a farm and one of the reasons why we also wearing the wooden shoes is to preventing the cow standing on your feet....

ps. the birth control didn't work...

Linda said...

Ha Ha. Now it makes more sense to protect your feet from heavy cows! I always wondered why rubber boots weren't good enough for the dampness. Glad you enjoy my blog. I write a lot about The Netherlands, since that was my home for over 25 years with my Dutch husband. Now we live in the US. Linda