Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cat in the Hat? Naw, the Shed!

Poor Fazio! 

This noontime I dropped by to check on my "home alone" mom and my brother's animals.

My youngest brother and his lovely wife are off at the beach this weekend. They are on a well-deserved break from their jobs, yard work, mom-sitting, grandbaby-sitting, etc., etc. 

They must have been in a real hurry when they left on Thursday, because this is what I found today:

My bro had asked me to check on the dog and cat food bowls today or tomorrow. After doing my usual thrift shop visit, I stopped off at their house. When I arrived, I noticed an almost full bowl for the dogs and a half full one for the cats. I did not think much about it until I was ready to go back home. I saw the bob-tailed cat and noticed the almost perfect half filled silicone bowl. Something told me to top that bowl off for the next two days, so I walked over to the garage closet/shed and opened the door. Their flabby tabby Fazio pushed me aside and waddled out of the hot room. His fur was rumpled, and he headed straight for the food bowl. The poor kitty had spent two full days locked up in a hot shed with a rolled up bag of cat food.

Moral of this story: Before you go on a trip, do a headcount/tailcount of all of your outside pets.

Not Fazio, but looks like him.

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