Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cars and Collectibles

On Friday, April 25, 2014  the three of us visited:

Autoclassica (Classic Cars Show)

Fiera Milano Rho, MI Rho

More collectibles than just cars.

All shapes, sizes, makes, and colors of cars.

Some important signs. (Love the Singer one!)

This Gullwing Mercedes looks like Annie Sloan painted it. Sweet!

A family favorite. Do you know the make?

Guess this car.

Fun collections!


Hindustanka said...

Interesting event! Vintage and old cars are peculiar thing to see, modern cars are mor eluzury, techno looking. Those were so sweet and had a more round shape.
thanks for sharing your trip with us Linda!

A Quiet Corner said...

Is that favorite a Mercedes? How about a Renault? Or a BMW????? I have no clue what the last one is....way before my time...I hope!...:)JP

Paulette said...

Studebaker? I enjoyed seeing all of the metal signs, I think my favorite is the singing man sign. Frank from American Pickers would certainly like the metal signs.

Linda said...

Yes! The last photo is a Studebaker Bullet Nose. I did not check the year. Way before your time, Paulette! Linda

Linda said...

The family favorite is a Fiat 1100. My FIL had one after WWII. It was his first new car. The last photo is a Studebaker Bullet Nose. And yes, probably before your time, JP. Linda

Anonymous said...

Love the old cars and the signs that bring back so many memories.