Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vacation Perks

What do you get from a vacation?

A huge suitcase of dirty laundry!
    My opinion: We actually came home with some clean clothes! I always over-pack and panic after three days that we did not bring enough clothes.

A dirty car (inside and outside)!
    My opinion: We (I) got a little lazy about picking up after ourselves. was the back seat person, and made the most mess!

A hunger for home-cooked food!
    My opinion: Italian restaurant owners need to work on their reputation. Way too pricey and not too tastey! The best pasta we had on the entire trip was Spaghetti Carbonara (microwave!!!) at a bar across the street from the Last Supper exposition.

A desire to sleep in your own bed on your own pillow and under your own sheets and your own blanket!
    My opinion: The hotels ( in general) seemed cleaner than most American hotels we have stayed in. None of the linens looked like they had been washed and ironed on the premises. I think it also has something to do with the tile floors in Italy, since they are easier to clean than carpet.

Missing the peacefulness of your own neighborhood/place in the country sounds!
    My opinion:  I get freaked out by sirens in the middle of the night!

*****But for the two of us, this vacation in Italy was supreme quality time with our busy son! 

*****J., we loved having you join us on our trip! 
*****Love, Mom and Papa


Linda said...

Actually the best meal we had on vacation was the Whopper at Burger King in Lucerne, Switzerland yesterday on our way back to The Netherlands. Hot burger and delicious fresh tomato! Yum! You can't beat a good Whopper! Linda

Anonymous said...

Welcome home.....another one for the memory books.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Hear hear! Especially the bit about laundry and sleeping in one's own bed. Happy homecoming. :)

miniviper said...