Sunday, April 13, 2014

Passion and Romance

Now that got your attention! 

Tonight we are in Oberammergau, Germany ( home of the world famous Passion Play). 

Oberammergau, Germany

Onion domed churches.

Wooden logs on the rooftops for the snow build-up.

Wooden grave markers.

Metal grave markers as well as stone ones.

Houses with painted window and door frames.

And even painted inhabitants!

Something "royal" about this humble home.

We did not stay at this hotel (270 Euros per night!).

We did stay at this quaint "gasthof" (80 Euros per night). And the poached trout with boiled potatoes and butter and magnificent salad was delicious!!!

And today on the way here we did our best to follow the well-known "Romantic Road" of Germany. We saw lots of yellow fields of dandelions and rape plants and plowed fields waiting to be planted, but this village was the icing on the cake. Walt Disney never did this well!
  • Dinkelsbühl, Germany

  • The weather was perfect to show off the colors.

    Can you believe it?

    My hub in our mini-SUV waiting for me to make photos.

    Fun city!

    So there is the "passion and romance" of our second day of vacation on the way from The Netherlands to Italy.

    Happy Palm Sunday! Easter trees all over Germany! Have you made yours yet?


    Paulette said...

    Your photos are lovely and I enjoyed each one, thanks for sharing them. Safe journey.

    Wendy Bellino said...

    Fun trip!