Thursday, April 17, 2014

Snow Shots

My hub likes to tell me what to include in my blog. I have told him he should write his own blog, but that won't happen. Actually quite a shame, since he sees and appreciates things that I overlook. Such as the snow photos that we took Wednesday in Livigno, Italy and surroundings. Livigno is an Italian enclave on the Switzerland side of the Alps. And Wednesday it was chock full of snow skiers on Easter vacation.

Second night of snow at the cloister before we began our journey on Wednesday.

Livigno, Italy

Better shot of the ski lifts and skiers and proof that we were there. Hub in the shot checks off one item on his "bucket list."  (To visit Livigno!)

On down the road (or up the mountain). I am freezing in this shot.

To all my northern blogging friends, snow is beautiful but too cold for this Louisiana gal.

Thursday (after sleeping in what Hub calls a "ballen tent") we drove to San Pellegrino, home of the popular bottled water that you see in most decorator ads and magazines. My mom says it tastes like AlkaSeltzer, but we drink it because we hate our home tap water.

Hub admires an interesting water fountain in the town square. No factory tours were available for the water factory until June. :(

The Grand Hotel is only "grand." What a shame to see such a huge deserted building!

And Easter baskets do not exist here. Just gigantic chocolate eggs filled with who knows what and wrapped in pastel wrappings.

Today is a "good" Friday! Our son will join us here in Milan in a couple of hours!



Alie said...

Beautifull pictures, but I'm glad it's spring overhere!

Hindustanka said...

I like dseeing the snow... I miss it so much ( I am from a country where snow melted just few days ago and not everywhere yet!). India is too hot for me but I fight this weather bravely.
I see you are enjoying your trip, it is certainly a great experience for you!
Have a nice weekend! And Happy coming up Easter!

Anonymous said... enjoy your snow. Personally, I've had enough "snow shots" this winter to last me a lifetime.