Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last Day of Our European Vacation

When you leave a hotel, you leave behind your wet, dirty towels.
You leave behind an unmade bed.
Who cares that the furniture is dusty or sticky from your snacks?
And what about the garbage pail full of trash?

But when you leave your "second" home for at least six months, it better be in good shape. 
Clean bathrooms!
Clean kitchen with no perishable food anywhere!
Clean sheets on the beds!
No dirty clothes or towels slung around the place!

No one wants to come "home" next fall to a dirty apartment!

So this rain is the perfect weather for cleaning up!

Apartment with a view.
The last six weeks we watched these trees go from No Leaves to Wow Leaves!

Remember this photo from last October, 2013?

Well, here is today's shot of the same trees. 

This summer when temps get up to 100 F back home in Wetcreek, we will wish we could be able to sit out on this deck.


Janneke said...

Yes it´s indeed a good cleaning day. Wish you a nice journey back to America.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you just got it all fixed up and furnished and now you have to leave it.

Paulette said...

Happy cleaning and a safe journey home.