Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All Hens on Deck

Sorry, but this post is not about chickens.

It is about our new deck at the Beltway apartment. 

One of the only complaints from viewers during the 10 apartment viewings during the three years this apartment was on the market was that you could not see too much while sitting on the balcony. So my hub built a deck for us to use. He still needs to tweek it and reenforce the base, but the idea is there. And we have used it. While sitting and standing on the balcony you can see the trees, birds, and rooftops. No need to see the street, since you can hear the traffic as it passes.

And as the Dutch say: All Hens on Deck!
(Guess I am one of the "hens.")


endah murniyati said...

It must be a nice place to spent the time with your lovely person.

Hindustanka said...

How lovely this deck is! :) It will be so pelasant to sit there and watch... afar...and have some tea/coffee :)

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Love it- who needs Hands on Deck when you can have "chicks"....er...hens! xo Diana