Friday, April 4, 2014

Did it Again! Bought Online Auction Items!

Sight unseen, we did it again!

We shopped (and bought) in an antiques online auction!

Last week we offered below asked price bids on five items at a local auction house. It was their Aftersale, and we had been waiting to pick up a couple of decorative pieces for the Beltway apartment. We offered about 75% of the lowest asked price of each item. Within a couple of hours we were notified that we were the proud owners of all five pieces! My hub's words --"We bid too high!" He is convinced we could have gotten all five items for half of the lowest asked price, but they are ours no matter what.

We picked up the Comtoise clock, unsigned oil painting of boats, and the petite barley twist drop leaf table on Tuesday. This afternoon a buffet and a china cabinet will be delivered.

Barley twist table drop leaf table. (around 1900)

Unsigned painting of "botter" ships on the Zierikzee in The Netherlands.

Maybe a new hanging place? Not in front of the thermostat! 

 Comtoise clock made by Daniel Badoz (au PUY en Velay)
19th century
 Harp pendule

 Lovely white enamel face


Janneke said...

So nice to find some interesting things at an auction against low(est) prices. I bought about the same little dropleaf table at the auctionhouse in Leiden several years ago. The unsigned painting of the botters is very nice too.

Anonymous said...

Great finds.

NanaDiana said...

Great finds. I have that exact gate leg table. It belonged to my hubby's grandmother and she set up housekeeping with it ! xo Diana

Endah Murniyati said...

Beautiful and absolutely antique!