Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bear's Paws, Boxer's Eye, and Yearnings for Fall

Which came first? The chicken egg, the mosquito, or the allergy? 

Several years ago it was determined by an allergy check- up that I should be careful about eating eggs. When we have asparagus and boiled eggs for dinner, I usually take an anti-histamine tablet before we eat. Then at least I do not end up with swollen lips or nose.

Last Sunday I made a great salad buffet and pizza for our main meal. Trying to make the buffet as authentic as possible, I boiled a few eggs and added that bowl to the selection of toppings. As I finished up the leftovers of the salad fixings, I said to my guys that I really should not overdo the eggs because of my allergy. But I just munched away ignoring the fact that I should probably swallow a Benedryl tablet.

Later that afternoon while on our daily walk with Flip, a pesky mosquito or maybe a horse fly attacked me. I think I got a few bites on my knuckles (while wearing a long-sleeved shirt in 100 F temps!!) and my forehead (while wearing a cap with a bill!!). At any rate, by the time I got back home I was scratching like crazy.

When I woke up early Tuesday morning to go take my mom to the hospital for some tests, I looked like the one who needed medical care. My hands were swollen to the size of bear's paws, and my left eyelid was so puffy that it looked like Botox Gone Wrong. I popped a Dutch anti-histamine pill and went on my way. I looked like the devil, but I felt fine.

Yesterday my Botoxed eyelid was almost back to normal, and today I don't have bear paws. Yesterday at lunch I took a Benedryl tablet just for good measure, since I was getting sick of the fat hands.

Now the big question is "Was it the eggs, or the insect bites, or a combination of the two?"

No matter. I have new anti-histamine tablets ready for my next egg indulgence or insect attack.

And the yearnings? To get outside and work in the yard! 

It ain't Fall, Y'all!


Janie Junebug said...

I'm so sorry for you. I have very sensitive skin. I won't go outside much until it's cool enough to make the mosquitoes go away. If I'm fortunate, that will happen in December. It sounds as if the bites pushed the egg eating over the edge and sent you off the cliff.


Tracey Radford said...

Poor you! Can't believe you got all those bites after covering up so well - determined little beggars aren't they. Glad you're feeling better x

A Quiet Corner said...

Yikes! That is scary....glad you recovered quickly, kiddo!.../)JP