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LL 24 september 1979

24 september 1979

Dear Mother and Daddy,

It is 7:30 p.m., and I'm sitting in an empty train car waiting to leave The Hague station for home. I stayed late after class tonight to learn how to do an independent study. So the "kitchen is closed," and we'll have Chinese food when J. picks me up.

J. received his card last week and barely let me see it. He read your note and said that you had decided to quit work, Mom. Well, I wish we could change places. I'm meeting all of the principals trying to line up something either for Spring or next year. I never knew that I would miss work so much.

Daddy, J. said he enjoyed talking to you on the phone. He wanted to talk longer, but he said you rushed him a little. He was calling from his office, so it costs us nothing. It is only when I call from home that it is so expensive.

My Dutch lessons begin Thursday evening, and that is J's birthday. But since my university class in the Hague is cancelled, I'll be able to cook a nice dinner and have cake and ice cream. We had a meringue and custard cake (tart) at his parents' on Saturday evening. We were celebrating A. and J's birthdays. Also, it was a farewell dinner for his parents. They left yesterday for 3 weeks in Italy. 

We will make reservations this week for our plane trip to Alexandria at Christmas. I think we will stay 2 weeks with you and visit Baton Rouge and Arkansas, too. We'll probably rent a car (J. gets a discount, I think) to do our traveling.

Well, the train's moving and I'm jiggling. Write when you can. I will see you in less than 3 months.

Love, Linda
P.S. Start looking for my retirement check in the mail and put it in savings for me.
P.P.S. We found a MEXICAN RESTAURANT in Amsterdam!!

Cafe Pacifico
(photo source--

 I found this info on their website [] : "The Pacifico launched in Amsterdam in 1976,is the first Mexican & Argentinian restaurant in the Nederlands and is still going strong. Situated on Amsterdam's Warmoesstraat between Central Station and De Wallen (the city's premium Red Light area), The menu offers a fine selection of Mexican & Argentinian dishes, all prepared from fresh ingredients, and served at reasonable prices. Here you can enjoy the best Mexican and Argentinian delicacies such as fajitas, tacos, nachos, guacamole and the special Argentinian steak BBQ. As well as the main restaurant there is also a bar area where one may enjoy an excellent selection of wines, beers, spirits, and some super cocktails.Soon we will open the Pub Salsa Pacifico where you can have fun with friends after dinner, you can enjoy our special cocktails." 

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A Quiet Corner said...

Yummy...great find means great food! Another interesting trip back, Linda...:)JP

miniviper said...

I like how calling from the office was "free"! Hahahahaha!