Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall May Finally Be Falling

My wise mom always says, "October can have 100 F days. " And some years she is right, but I hope not this one.

I NEED to get out in the yard and attack these weeds called Chamberbitter.

Photo Source - Chamberbitter

Everything is green around here this year because of the frequent and plentiful rains, and the weeds have taken over anything my lawn mowing hub could not mow. So I'll be out early tomorrow (weatherman says temps in the low 60's F) ripping out as many unwanted plants as I can while it is cool and not so sunny.

I just hope OFF keeps the mosquitoes away so I won't have to wear my bug net over my cap. That thing is suffocating and so annoyingly dark that I can almost not see where I am walking.


Anonymous said...

Nothing stops weeds.

Anonymous said...

Veel succes met je onkruid, Linda!
Het is heel vervelend en met de regen groeizaam.
Hoe vroeger erbij, hoe beter!

Liefs, Gerry

NanaDiana said...

I have that, too, Linda...that chamberbitter...but I never knew what it was called. It is miserable stuff!!! Good luck getting rid of it- xo Diana

Endah Murniyati said...

We call the weed as 'Meniran' (Phylanthus niruri). Here, that weeds are extracted for medicinal stuff in pharmaceutical industry as immunoprotector, improve body immunity.

Anonymous said...

We've had an amazing September this year - I don't think we've had any rain at all, which is absolutely unheard of here. Good luck with your weed zapping!