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LL October 1, 1979

October 1, 1979

Dear Mother and Daddy,

J. was called in to work this morning, so I decided to get up and get a few things done before a friend picks me up to drive to class in The Hague. I have an exam in the Michigan State class on Wednesday night, and this whole week is super busy. I've studied a little, but I will do more.

I tried to call you yesterday several times, but I guess you were at S's. Our time has gone back to regular time (we are 8 hours ahead of you now). It is 9:00 a.m. here now and 1:00 a.m. in Alex. I will try to call again sometime this week.

We are making our Christmas plans this week. We may fly to Toronto, then to Dallas. J. wants to rent a car in Dallas and drive to Alex. He can get a special deal, and he wants to see as much as he can in the 2 weeks we are there. He can get an auto for $150 a week with unlimited mileage. The only expense will be the gas.

We may go to Olst this week-end to see about a small Daf (automatic transmission) car for me. It is used and relatively cheap. I'm not excited about Dutch traffic, but it would be good to have my own wheels.

Mother, I'm glad that you told me about my retirement arriving. How much is it? With the dollar going down everyday, it is worth hardly anything here. When I opened my bank account, I received 2.05 guilders for every dollar. Now I can get only 1.90 guilders for every dollar. 15 Dutch cents per dollar is serious.

My 1st Dutch lesson last Thursday was fine. I can't speak so well, but I do read a little and can understand much that is spoken. Mrs. S. expects me to speak fluent Dutch right now. Well, she will have to wait.

Well, I'll close and go down to the kitchen to eat. I must prepare J. something for dinner since I will be here late, and he has a meeting tonight. Wonder if he will eat tuna salad?

Tell everyone hello. By the way, tell Kathy that J. has no brothers. Sorry!

Write when you have a few extra minutes.
Love, Linda

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