Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shelfie # 10--oops!

My camera is set for quick shots by simply touching the screen. 

This photo is definitely an OOPS!

Yesterday as I set my freshly charged camera onto the breakfast table, I shot a "selfie" and our lovely old Dutch lamp that we bought 20 odd years ago for way too much money at a so-called antique shop near Bunschoten. 

No shelves in this "shelfie," but three of the five windows in our breakfast nook. In the late afternoons, this is the warmest and sunniest place inside our house.

Enjoy the last warm and sunny days of summer! 
It still ain't Fall down here, Y'all!


A Quiet Corner said...

Good gravy, Linda, if I set a camera to shoot like that...Heaven help us all!!!!...:)JP

Donna Wilkes said...

The "un-shelfie" is quite artistic. I read with amusement the ricotta cheese recipe. I only tried that once and thought it a great waste of my yogurt.