Monday, September 22, 2014

LL 24 oktober 1979

24 oktober 1979
woensdag middag

Beste Mother and Daddy,

I've got a pumpkin pie in the oven, and it looks like a disaster. I used fresh pumpkin from the S's garden and dark brown sugar. The filling looks brown instead of orange, but maybe it will still taste okay. I want to make a jack o' lantern this week-end to put on our balcony next Wednesday night. Hope I can find a big pumpkin in the market on Saturday.

We got our second car last Saturday, and I drove it back to Rotterdam Monday afternoon. We had a caravan. J. drove his Daf van with a trailer behind it, Mr. S. drove his Mercedes with another trailer, and I brought up the rear in my Daf. Mr. S. came to Rotterdam to haul a huge chest (glass front) back to Olst. In J's old office there was a long table and chairs and this cabinet that no one wanted. I like them so they will be stored for me. With a little elbow grease they will look good in a house.

******How the cabinet might have looked back 35 years ago in 1979.

******How our cabinet looks chockful in our main hallway in 2014 in the US.

******Nice detail on the doors matches a two-sided desk that we also "rescued" before the trashman came by the old office.

******And here is the "Board" table and chairs 35 years later in our Wetcreek kitchen.

I went to my first Dutch class last night (the new course--taped lessons) and to another one today. Today I drove myself and then went on several other errands here in Rotterdam. The traffic isn't too bad at 11:00 a.m. So I had no problem. My biggest driving problem is parking. Everywhere is parallel parking, and I don't know how to do that. Today I parked a block away from the bank because I couldn't park correctly. I don't want to bump anyone or anything.

I haven't worked anymore since two weeks ago, but tomorrow I will go to the school here to observe a class for my independent study through MSU. Jane Gaynard is the teacher, and she called last night to talk about the observation and invited us to a party on Friday night. I am excited to go to be with Americans and Dutch young people. Maybe I can build a fire under J. and get him excited, too.

I have a subscription to McCall's magazine and get an issue in the middle of the month. I received October's today so that isn't too bad for surface mail! This is the 3rd issue I've received (two came together). American magazines are very expensive ($3-7.00 a copy). With the subscription they may be late, but the cost is the same as you would pay.

My sewing machine works well, and I even repaired Mrs. S's machine last week-end. Anyway I made a purple plaid wool skirt and vest last week. I must shop for a sweater to wear with it. The wool will feel good since it is colder now. I have the heater set on 68 F (20 C) inside today, and I'm comfortable. Last night the temperature was around 45 F (8 C) when I went to my Dutch class. J. was freezing, but I was too nervous to be cold.

Well, I finally got a letter from Jeanie. She had written a long letter in July but didn't mail it. So last week I received two thick letters. She is still having stepson troubles, but that is no new news. I haven't heard from anyone else. I suppose everyone is busy. We still don't have plane reservations, but J. isn't unduly worried. He says there are still places available on Braniff flights. I trust him, but I'm getting anxious to travel again.

Mother, I don't know what I want for Christmas. I need a warm coat so maybe you can help me buy that. Everything I see here is ugly or too expensive. I think I can wear my raincoat (all weather quilt lined) and fur coat until I come home at Christmas. We might even find a nice one in the after-Christmas sales in Alex.

Tell S. I check my mailbox every day for photgraphs and a nice letter! Write again when you have time. --When you get this you'll have "mucho" time!!
Love, Linda


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Janneke said...

Ik vind het leuk dat je de waarde van familie meubels zo waardeert, tegenwoordig wordt alles wel erg snel weggedaan en komt er slechte kwaliteit voor in de plaats. Zelf ben ik ook nogal behoudend met als resultaat dat het wel een volle boel wordt in huis.

Linda said...

Hi Janneke,
Thanks for your kind comment. Although we have a house full of family "treasures" of furniture my Dutch mother-in-law kept well waxed and polished, this cabinet, table/chairs, and a huge double sided desk came from my husband's previous office in Rotterdam. Before the company moved to Delft in late 1979, the office manager told my husband to "put them out on the street" for grofvuil pickup. My husband and his best friend never let them touch the street. The furniture went straight onto a boat trailer and to a storage place for us for later. All of the furniture had several "homes" during the 35 years, but they are all here in our home now. Not real beauties, but better here than in the "grofvuil." Hugs, Linda

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a gorgeous cabinet full of beautiful vintage treasures. Thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

Donna Wilkes said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this look back to 1979. Your furniture is lovely - rescued!