Saturday, January 21, 2012

AC is on!

What strange January weather! Tonight I am sitting in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies for my guys and now the air conditioner just popped on. Guess the heat from the oven, the clothes dryer down the hall, and the warm temps outside heated up the house. Who knows what the rest of the month and February will bring.

I took advantage of the pleasant weather this morning and worked for over four hours in my raised veggie beds. Besides cleaning out dead plants, I replanted about 30 endive plants. They are really on the bitter side, but they say that is good for your heart. The first asparagus spears are poking out of the ground. I am going to make sure we eat plenty of those this year, since this is year number three. Time to eat asparagus from our own garden. The foliage is pretty and green, but I planted them for the spears.

Besides baking cookies, making dinner, and puttering in the garden, I started doing some detective work on my father's family. Last night I found a distant relative who may be able to share some family tree info with me. I am not sure if anyone else in the family is interested, but I am. So the detective work continues.

No recipes tonight. I will try to double-up tomorrow. Now to empty the dryer and call it a day.

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