Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jack Frost?

We have tried to protect all of our plants outside this winter. My husband even purchased special geotextile to cover the plants and citrus trees. The last two weeks have been so mild and rainy that we didn't have to even worry about keeping our plants (or beagle) warm. But tonight we may have frost, so meters of white geotextile are covering the agaves. We still have February to get through, so we are not safe yet.

I noticed tiny plants in the raised garden beds. After searching for small plastic pot and finding them, I potted them up and brought them inside. Actually I am not sure if my first three pots are cherry tomatoes or marigolds. It doesn't really matter, I usually have to buy both plants every year. Now I will have some free plants.

On our walk this evening, we noticed that our pond has stopped leaking water through the pipe. Now what? Hopefully this means that someone will solve this pond problem. Now the waiting begins again.

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