Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cookin in de Keuken

I am up early this Saturday morning. Who knows why! Maybe I was curious about the pond. And , yes, it is emptying quickly! Maybe that means the levee will be prepared as soon as possible. I hope so.

Last night while I was on Pinterest, I thought of a name for my favorite recipes for this blog. It is Cookin in de Keuken (translation: cooking in the kitchen). Now we won't get it mixed up with Memaw's Just Plain Cooking. I even added a board with that name to my Pinterest collection. My goal is to share some of the tips and recipes from that board on this blog. You would think that I loved cooking, but I just love to eat. And now I have time to do both!

More later today, since I think there are pancakes from last weekend in a little plastic bag in the freezer. Yummy, here I come! Until later.

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