Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Pond

It is definitely too difficult to ignore our pond. Since it was contructed several years ago, we have been eager to see fish and other wild life enjoying it. Last winter at this time, a family of otters enjoyed cold, sunny mornings swimming in the open waters of the pond. We even surprised a couple of them when we would go out on our daily late afternoon walks around the pond. Unfortunately (or fortunately as some people may think), we won't be able to enjoy the otters this year. I think they forgot about us, or maybe they checked us out in late November 2011 and found our pond dry. Yes, the summer of 2011 was a dry one, but circumstances beyond our control caused our pond to be bone dry for more months than we could handle.

All summer I watched for deer and other animal tracks on the exposed dry pond bed. Finally in the fall, I saw deer tracks from a large herd of deer. My hubbie said he saw around ten deer in a herd out in the open meadow, so I guess they were trying to find water and came to search out our dry, stagnant pond. Bet they were disappointed as well as thirsty. Not even our dog kept them from searching!

Well, today the pond is full again. But only for a few more hours. This afternoon the big corkscrew will be unscrewed and the water will move on down the stream (again!). And again our beautiful pond will be empty. I took lots of photos of it this morning, for keepsakes. I have been assured that it will be beautiful again after the levee is moved. And then maybe the torment and frustration will finally be over after so many years.

Sorry, Hub, but I had to write this. Remember, I am the first one who wakes up early every morning and looks out on the pond --wet or dry. My early morning walk around it tomorrow won't be with a dry eye, I can bet on that.

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Linda said...

Pond is emptying as of 2:00 pm today. Our author friend pulled the plug! Photos of the fabulous water spray to follow.