Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why Wetcreek?

If you look very closely, you will see our neighbor's son hiding behind the huge spray of water. He opened the drain to our pond last Friday, and after 20 hours of having a Wetcreek, it is now dry. So is the pond! Due to some interesting situation with our pond, we will be getting a new levee as soon as all "our ducks are in a row." I just had to write that. It seemed so appropriate considering I am writing about our pond. We did see six ducks in the pond when it was full of water last week. Guess the ducks will have to find some other pond until ours is repaired. (Sigh :(

No recipes today. Tonight I had my first class for Master Gardeners. I heard by the wayside that I am expected to come up with a project for this course. I already have an idea for a garden blog or even a few entries about my vegetable garden in this blog. Be prepared!

More tomorrow. It is too late to write tonight.

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