Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Hit!

No Isaac yet, but I hit 10,000 pins on Pinterest last night! My hub still finds a couple of doubles, but I really try to pin (repin) new ideas. It isn't easy to remember all 10,000 pins. And I have been pinning for one year, some old ideas are new again. Pinning is still interesting!

As for Isaac, we are expecting some rain. And maybe some wind. And hopefully no damage. We cut grass and weedeated until dark last night in anticipation that later today the rain will begin. The next thing will be to secure all outside furniture and pot plants. Luckily we don't have lots of outdoor decorations, etc.

So bring it on! My hub replaced our water container, and we checked out our emergency supplies. Now to wait for our pond to fill up to the brim.

Will keep you posted as long as we have electricity.

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