Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back Page Story

Remember? I am the back to front magazine reader. And my favorite magazine article is probably the last one in the magazine.

The back page story! Even the Time and Newsweek magazines have excellent articles right before most people put the magazine to rest. As I choose to read that article first, I never miss that last article. Maybe the expression" save the best to last" fits here.

I would be curious to find out when magazines started this back page story tradition. I guess that I should know, since that has been my beginning point for many years.

Most magazines that I read round out the issue with a personal interview or interesting facts about a person, place, or thing. For the normal magaine reader who reads from front to back, I think the back page story just leaves you with a good feeling and desire to see the next issue. For me, the BPS ( back page story) just whets my appetite for what is within the magazine.

It is like eating your dessert first! So don't skip dessert. Check out the BPS!

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