Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Handy Shower

Almost 50 years ago my older cousin from up North (northern Arkansas!) built a new house with her new husband. As she was five years my senior, I always sort of looked up to her and visualized my future. We weren't anything alike. She was buxom, and I was not! She had brown hair, and I am a blond. She seemed to have everything, and I wished I did. She had nice clothes, and she handed them down to me. Yippee! I had it made!

But back to the house--she took us on a tour of it. Two things left an impression on me. The first was that she had a place to keep her ironing board permanently set up, just in case. The second was that they put in a shower stall right inside their mudroom hallway. That way when her hub came inside sweaty and dirty from mowing, he could shower before entering their beautiful home.

Well, I keep my ironing boards (2) hidden away, since I rarely iron anything. How times and fabrics have changed in 50 years!

But we have a shower stall right off the mudroom, and boy is it ever handy. Actually it is the shower for our indoor pool, but I use it when I come in from working in the yard and garden. Such as this morning. Gosh was it ever hot outside even before 10:00 am! Then we "dipped" Flip in the same shower an hour later. Although he doesn't love getting cleaned up, he tolerates it. And the shower stall is handy and easy to clean up.

Although my hub never met my cousin with the shower just inside the back door, he designed his pool and shower stall to my liking. It saves me a whole lot of work and cleaning!

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