Friday, August 24, 2012

Ranch Dressing in the Mail!

Back in the early spring I mailed packages of ranch dressing mix to some friends in The Netherlands. They never received the package! Amazing!

Well, today I sent another package (this time a sturdy box) with regular ranch dressing mix and buttermilk ranch dressing mix. I will be really disappointed if my package does not make it this time. Give it a week, and the package should be at its destination. I made sure to fill out customs papers this time, so if we need to we can track it! Ha, and all for ranch dressing mix! Anyway, M and J, when you get this package, enjoy it. And I will bring more when we see you in the fall.

Tomorrow (or rather today in a few minutes) morning the local Master Gardeners are having a demonstration morning at the fairgrounds. I made several "no sew" garden aprons made from old jeans to sell in their store at the event. Hope no one thinks this is a stupid idea. I think they are cute. I will add photos of the aprons and more next week.

Now to have a cookie and milk and go to bed. Early morning tomorrow.

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