Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cut It, Pull It, Kill It, Feed It, Water It

When is a plant a plant and when is it a weed? According to the experts, any plant that is growing where it shouldn't grow is a weed.

So that means that today when I pulled the Bermuda grass out of my raised beds and threw it in our yard, I was helping it go back home where it belonged. Maybe it left a few roots in the veggie bed, but I will get them next time around. They are tough little devils and grow like lightning. Those that got tossed back home don't have it so easy, especially not in this dry heat!

As my hub and I do our own yard work, we spend a lot of time cutting, pulling, killing, feeding, and watering our plants. Last year during our drought, we weren't as busy as we are this summer. This summer it seems that every single day we have some job outside with the growing things and some dead things.

I had planned to take the day off today, but I ended up weeding the last of the veggie beds. Now there is no excuse for planting the fall garden. I just have to try to time this right, since we want to enjoy our fall garden harvest. Plus I need to gamble on whether the seeds will sprout in this dry heat.

Thank goodness for drip systems!

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