Thursday, August 16, 2012

Slimy and Creepy Things

We have seen several snakes outside our home in the last week. Don't ask me what kind. Yesterday I saw a gray one slithering right where I was going to turn on the water hose to water my hanging plants. Needless to say I postponed that watering until later. But it was long, thin, and gray. And a snake!

Earlier yesterday my hub saw a snake slithering away from a pear tree I had just watered. Am I attracting snakes? Oh, those creepy things!

Speaking of creepy things, there are some creepy people stalking my blog.

How could I possibly know that? The Stats for Blogger tell me too much info for comfort. Although I can't see WHO is reading my blog, I can see the traffic sources, country, and time. I can also see which posts have been read. The traffic sources reveal the most, and today I saw something really creepy and disturbing. Enough to make me rethink whether to continue with this blog.

I'll have to sleep on it.

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