Monday, August 6, 2012

To the Test

With the exception of a landscaping lecture tomorrow night, I am finished with my Master Gardening class.

That is, except for THE TEST! Rumor goes that no one has ever failed, but I won't take a chance. So I am cramming.

Sounds really silly, since how many 60+ers cram anything but food into their mouths. (Guilty)

But cramming I am doing for this Open Book test in a couple of weeks. Since I really haven't looked too much through this gigantic notebook that I wag back and forth to class, I started reading and hi lighting last night. Miracle that it actually was interesting and not boring. Haven't gotten to the PH section yet, tho'.

The last time I crammed for a test was back in 2006. We had just arrived here in the US, and I wanted to "renew" my 30 year expired La. drivers license. So I studied. Then when I went down to the DMV, I did not have to take a test! My Dutch license and my old expired La.license were enough proof that I could drive. So there! Wasted time cramming!

We will see if cramming for this gardening test is also a waste of time. I doubt it, since I learn something every single day about how my garden grows (or doesn't). ;(

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