Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beltway is Hot!

We are not at the Beltway apartment, but the temps are HOT there. Way warmer than here in Wetcreek! 

And here in the US we have air conditioning throughout the entire house. Now that everything works again!

So a few tips to the super warm Nederlanders and Duitsers:  

Keep cool! 
Drink lots of liquids, preferably cool water. 
Wear sunscreen, hats, and sun glasses. Stay out of the midday sun rays. 
Wear light clothing, but beware of bare skin. 
Take care of the very young and the very elderly. 
Eat light and healthy.
And find a cool, dark place to sleep tonight. Even turn on the fan to stir the air.

And if I were in the Beltway apartment right now, I would be sitting under the air conditioner with the balcony awnings lowered as far as they would go.

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