Monday, July 29, 2013

Straining/Draining Yoghurt

Straining/Draining Yoghurt

1. After your yoghurt has set up (congealed) in the fridge, dip off a bit of the yellowish liquid (whey) and pour it down the sink or save it.
[[[[ Save a few tablespoons of yoghurt in a closed container for your live culture yoghurt starter for your next batch.]]]]
2. Then line your spaghetti colander with a coffee filter or thin cotton ( not terry cloth) dishtowel or clean t-shirt material. (Some people use paper towels, but they do eventually break up.)
3. Spoon yoghurt into lined colander and set on top of a large bowl (to catch the whey). 
4. Return to fridge for about 3 hours to strain out whey.
5. Empty out whey that has drained into bottom bowl often. You may want to save some whey until the end for yoghurt that may be too dry for your taste. The longer you strain, the thicker (cream cheesier) it gets. 
6. You now have Greek yoghurt or yoghurt cheese. Stir to make it creamier. If too dry, add whey or a little milk.

This yoghurt keeps for over a week in the fridge. It also freezes for later use.

Have fun experimenting!

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