Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dust Bunnies and Spider Webs

Which room seems to be the dustiest in your house? 

It is probably the room you use the most. In our case, it is both the study (tv room) and our bedroom. It somehow seems that I postpone giving both rooms a good cleaning, since visitors do not usually enter either room. 

And anyway, how dirty could your bedroom get? Right!!!!

Many years ago I remember spending the night in my in-law's apartment when they were away on a vacation. Everything seemed neat and clean until I passed by a small bulletin board on the bedroom wall. The 1/2 inch layer of dust on the photos on the board let me know how dusty the room really was. Aaaaachew!

Our bedroom does not get that deep with dust, but it could. 

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in the bedroom and the study trying to corral the dust. Nothing seems to work but a soft cloth, Pledge, and the vacuum cleaner. Our Russian cleaning lady many, many years ago used a wet cloth. Now I know why some wooden furniture pieces are grey instead of brown. I use Pledge orange oil, and it smells good, too. Any other duster just seems to relocate the dust. Forget the microfiber cloths, you can even see the relocation depots on the edges of your furniture. And then you have to shake out the dust outside. What a joke! Then you are dusty. ;))))

I actually attacked spider webs on the ceiling first. (Why can't I see them during the daytime like I do while I am reading in bed at 11:00 pm?) Something about dusting/cleaning should be done from top to bottom. Makes sense to me. Get all that dirt down so I can vacuum it. Now I know why housewives used to wear scarves tied on their heads. Why don't we do that anymore? 

And then there are the televisions. Those suckers are magnets for dust! I can dust them off today, and tomorrow I will need to do it again. 

I am not stupid. I know that some dust bunnies scurried to the hidden corners of both rooms, but maybe I will capture them next time I clean. Or maybe they will still be around when we move. Sometime in the next 30 years!

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